Wild Streak

by N.Y.C.K.

In the bad times you’re wholly alive. You’ll cry yourself asleep and then a few hours later, laugh until you’re sore in the ribs and sick in the stomach. You think you’ll never feel again and later that night at the pub you suck in the warm sensation of community and consciousness like a drug.

It’s the things we do in the bad times that enchants the story of Wild Streak, the new single from N.Y.C.K. When everything falls apart, our wild streak comes to the fore.

A project by Australian duo Dominique Garrard and Nicholas Acquroff, N.Y.C.K. tell stories about the human form. About our proclivity as people to be vicious and beautiful, kind and cold, chaotic and orderly - all at the same time. The duo’s first Single, Wild Streak, documents a night out in visceral detail. Two friends in a local bar on a night that gets way out of hand, in all the ways they knew it would before they started.

Candid lyrics give the listener a window into the world of the narrator. Music clashes and bangs in moments of chaos, and then draws you in during moments of calm, building to a full crescendo where Acquroff & Garrard belt out an anthemic chorus line (“we should cut this wild streak!”). Like opening a diary, Wild Streak is the kind of raw portrayal that a writer wouldn’t want anyone to read. It's lashed with hedonism and regret, stuck on the desolate lows and ecstatic highs that are so close together in the bad times.

Ultimately touching on one of life’s great truths: when we go through hard times, wildness prevails.